About the championship

Chef a la Russe is an all-Russian open culinary championship among chefs, held since 2014. The organizer of the Chef a la Russe Championship is METRO Cash & Carry from the National Association of Culinary Specialists of Russia under the auspices of the World Association of Chefs (WORLDCHEFS - WACS). In 2016 he got the status of an open championship. The organizers decided to change the format of the championship to expand the geography of the competition and attract professionals from other countries.

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The participants


Chef, su-chef, cook, pastry chef, confectioner
Command structure: 2 cooks and 1 confectioner


Students of culinary colleges
Command structure: 2 cooks


Each team will have 90 minutes to complete the competition task. Teams start with a 10-minute interval


Training at the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon (France)

Stages of the championship



METRO Cash & Carry Company

METRO Cash & Carry Company

Metro AG is the group of companies that manages the third largest trading network in Europe and the fourth in the world. Metro Cash & Carry was founded in Germany in 1964 by Professor Otto Beisheim, who died in February 2013. In 1967, Otto Baysheim, the Schmidt-Ruthenbeck family and Franz Haniel & Cie founded a partnership with equal shares.

All-Russian association of culinary specialists of Russia

All-Russian association of culinary specialists of Russia

Association of culinary specialists of Russia – the public non-profit organization of professional workers of mass food created on February 14, 1990. Her tasks include activization and consolidation of efforts of the Russian culinary specialists on improvement of catering services of the population, to increase in level of domestic service, preservation and revival of traditions of kitchens of the people of Russia. The association will organize the professional championships and competitions, national and international culinary salons and festivals, will organize seminars and master classes of the Russian and foreign masters of cookery. Special attention is paid to education of new generation of professionals – are engaged in this direction created within the League of Juniors and Club of Young Chefs of Russia Association. www.culinar-rus.ru. Since 1993 the Association of culinary specialists of Russia is an official member and the only representative of our country in the World association of communities of chefs (World Association of Chefs Societies – Worldchefs or WACS), unites 93 professional organizations representing more than 10 million chefs around the world.



General partner


Technical partner


Technical partner